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Before you buy bitcoins, you need to open a wallet in which you will store your solid digital coins. And wallets are conventionally divided into 2 types:

"Hot" wallet. This is the name of the repository for storing cryptocurrency online. That is, you will have access to money through the Internet, you can thus squander and replenish their reserves. The most famous in this segment is Another well-known and convenient service is Jaxx. After completing the registration procedure, you can select the account opening currency - bitcoins (BTC), rubles (RUR) or dollars (USD). There are applications for mobile phones.
"Cold" wallet. It is assumed that the cryptocurrency is autonomous, independent of the network, on a PC hard disk or on a separate removable media. In the case of removable media, the wallet is also called “hardware”. The price of this device is about 100-130 dollars, it has an attractive design, but usually it is resorted to by those who already have an impressive supply of cryptoresists. Further in the article we will discuss only “hot” wallets.

Paying the bitcoins in this way, you simply transfer them to your account on the exchange. In this case, commission fees will be low. The minimum size of bitcoins that can be purchased in this way is 0.001 BTC, which is equivalent to only 16 US dollars (if you buy “on the market”, the amount will be 17-20 dollars or slightly less). This value is as of the end of December 2017. The exchange rate of digital currency is currently $ 16,500.

If you trust the exchange to store bitcoins in your account, then in order to achieve enhanced security, it is highly desirable to enable two-factor authentication.

In addition, when you keep it on the stock exchange, you do not need to pay a large commission for the sale of cryptocurrency, unlike owners of private bitcoins and wallets - they have to use the delivery service through the bitcoin network. It turns out that using the exchange wallet as a depository, you get rid of the need to pay large fees for transferring funds and for creating a cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, when exchanging from one addressee to another, they pass almost instantly, and on the Web, the transfer of digital money can be accompanied by significant delays.

You do not earn money on cryptocurrency?
Hurry up, the volatility of the digital asset market opens up the possibility of earning profits! We recommend to pay attention to the following tools: Bitcoin account from AMarkets, BTC / USD pair trading service from InstaForex and options for trading cryptocurrency from Bimono broker.

On the stock exchange, you can choose and buy bitcoin, as well as any other cryptocurrency from a large list. You can also buy it for paper money. Similarly, the reverse procedure is available - the sale of digital currency. Using the exchange wallet, you can easily and conveniently conduct such operations thanks to a well-developed interface. Withdrawing money from the exchange will also be easy, for this you only need to specify the address of your wallet.
Another important question: where can I spend cryptocurrency? The number of various services and sites, as well as widely and widely known, receiving crypto-money as payment, is growing every day. But today, calculating Bitcoins is not as easy as using Webmoney or your favorite bank card. Sometimes a transfer has to wait a day, and hours are spent on many operations. If you want to speed up a transaction, you will have to pay impressive commissions (the rate of growth of commissions sometimes outpace the rate of growth of the value of the money itself).

With regard to security, in most countries, digital currency is officially perceived as something from the “gray zone”. In Russia, financial regulators still have a negative attitude towards Bitcoins. In particular, the Federal Tax Service, in its statement on cryptocurrency, made it clear that such operations can be viewed as a method of "money laundering", that is, as an attempt to legalize funds obtained by criminal means. Although in this regard, the situation is gradually changing for the better.

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