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In recent months, the rate of bitcoins and other virtual coins has grown rapidly. Today, distraught miners are buying powerful video cards to earn more cryptocurrency. They think they are investing in a promising business. Nevertheless, there are pragmatists who believe that soon the existing system of production of bitcoins and other digital currency will burst like a soap bubble. This raises the question: who is right?

Some analysts and experts predict that in a few months a significant drop will occur in the cryptocurrency market - the rollback of their value rates or the so-called correction. In their opinion, the “bubble”, so incredible in its scale, has long been swollen in this market. Since the beginning of this year, bitcoin has grown more than 10 times. At the same time, the "ether" is about thirty times. As for some other cryptocurrencies, they have become "heavier" by thousands of percent. As practice shows, a period of rapid growth is always followed by a phase of decline. So it is possible that we will soon see how the steep peak will begin to flow as it begins to fall. Nevertheless, it will remain a promising tool for investment in the long term.

crypto currency soap bubble

It was expected that in November 2017, it would have occurred. There is no need for bitcoin-cache. In this connection, the currency has grown rapidly. When it became clear, it would have been the case.

WBU through numerous exchanges. Bitcoin will give way to Bitcoin Cash at the same time. The collapse of bitcoin occurred within 2 days.

By and large, investors simply "threw". Now, Bitcoin Cash developers will take their time to regain their trust.

However, it is not only recovered, but it has also been significantly increased. Thousands of dollars for 1BTC.

market bubble
Course Bitcoin (11/27/17)

It is predicted that it will be able to coexist in parallel. The rate increased by the rate of bitcoin. Therefore, we can conclude that they are a complementary pair.

In this case, the bitcoin cache does not provide a clear support level. Everyone decides the mood and expectations of the market. For example, until very recently, it seemed to many that bitcoin could not cost $ 3,000. And in 2011 everyone thought that $ 3 for 1 bitcoin was something from the realm of fantasy. If the bitcoin-cache becomes the main currency, can be reduced to $ 100.

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When are cryptocurrency bubbles?
The fall of cryptocurrency today seems unthinkable, since there is an increase in the capitalization of virtual money and the development of the sphere as a whole. Most likely, in the coming years, expect a sharp collapse of the bitcoin rate below $ 5000 is not worth it. According to forecasts, its cost will vary in the range of $ 7,000 and above. But, if the boom around the bitcoin cache starts again, the traditional bitcoin can go up in price and thoroughly.

The current situation does not foretell the rapid collapse of the stock bubble. Bitcoin cash can not be an alternative to traditional bitcoin. At least, until there is a stable capitalization.

According to numerous forecasts, a classic bitcoin in a few months can reach a psychological mark of 20 thousand dollars.

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