Bitcoin trading. The sites for trading bitcoins and the trading strategy

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  Bitcoin trading. The sites for trading bitcoins and the trading strategy
The history of bitcoin and its current development have a huge potential for investment and trading. Every time when bitcoin becomes an object of discussion, its value grows, and then, when the wave of excitement falls, the price goes down.

Every time bitcoin grows in value, investors and speculators want to snatch their share of profits. Bitcoin is global, you can send bitcoins anywhere, and bitcoin trading is also very simple.

bitcoin trading

In comparison with some other financial instruments, the threshold of entry into trading bitcoin is low. And if you already have bitcoins, then you can start trading right now. Most often, no verification and verification is required to start trading bitcoins, but everywhere in different ways.

If you are interested in trading bitcoins, then there are a lot of options for trading crypto currency. For example, you can trade CFDs for bitcoins, where we trade derivatives of bitcoin without actually passing the crypto currency to the counterparty.

Brokers where you can trade CFD for bitcoin: AMarkets, Instaforex, Alpari. Once again, I remind you that under the CFD scheme, trade in bitcoins is conducted without a real supply of crypto currency.

Why is it profitable to trade bitcoins?
Probably the most important thing in trading is motivation. Therefore, before I tell you how to trade bitcoins, it is important to understand why it is profitable and promising.

Bitcoin Global

Bitcoin is not a currency of any country, which means that it is not tied to the economy and politics of any country. Throughout its history, the price of bitcoin reacts to a wide range of events, from the devaluation of the Chinese yuan to the control of capital movements in Greece.

General economic instability in the world and panic led to the fact that the course of bitcoin has grown at times. Well, for example, remember when in 2013 in Cyprus decided to introduce control over bank accounts? So, apparently, after those events, Cypriot account holders turned their eyes to bitcoin, which caused an increase in its value.

bitcoin trading

Trading bitcoins 24/7

Unlike the Forex and the Stock Market, there are no official exchanges in Bitcoin trading, which have time for work, holidays and weekends. All because there is no official bitcoin exchange and the official price of bitcoin. This can create good conditions for arbitrage, but here too it's not so simple, because many bitcoin exchanges remain in certain price ranges.

Bitcoin is high volatility

Bitcoin is known for the speed of price changes. Look how the price of bitcoin varies over the past three months

bitcoin trading

I mean that the volatility of bitcoins creates excellent opportunities for traders.

We are looking for a stock exchange for trading bitcoins
Above I have already said that there are no official bitcoins of exchangers. For traders, there are many options where you can exchange bitcoin. But when you look, you need to consider the following important factors:

Regulation and trust
Exchange location
What percentage of each transaction is charged by the exchange
If you make a selection of exchanges based on the above data, then today you can choose the following exchanges:

1. OKCoin - the Chinese stock exchange, where trade is conducted in US dollars

2. Bitfinex is the No. 1 exchange by the volume of trade in bitcoins in the USA. The trading volume is about 25,000 BTC each day. As of October 2016, it is almost 16 million dollars a day. You can trade without verification if you are not going to buy and sell bitcoins, but open a deposit account and provide margin security in US dollars to other stock traders

3. Bitstamp - position themselves as the first licensed and regulated exchange of virtual currency in Europe. The license was issued by the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg. The exchange was founded in 2011, and this means that today it is one of the oldest bitcoins of stock exchanges. According to the global trading volume, this exchange is on the second place today. A day traded about 10,000 BTC

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