Making toys on a 3D printer

3D printing has become very popular in recent years and naturally did not go unnoticed by creating children’s toys. The main feature is environmental friendliness. To start earning in this field, you will need a special Toybox 3D printer, which will implement many ideas and skills in image editing. It will be quite simple to organize service at home, start making different models and sell them online. The cost will only go to buying a printer. To promote, you can create a site where the user can choose a toy that can then be created to order.

Business on virtual reality glasses (VR-glasses)
The gaming industry is developing very fast, and virtual reality has become commonplace, however, given the cost of good VR-glasses, it is safe to say that not everyone can afford such fun. To organize a business on VR-glasses, you first need to purchase such a device, preferably a few pieces. And then your choice. Or start with a simple rental of glasses, for example, for various events. You can also open a special institution where you can conduct “flight sessions” in virtual reality.

Grape snails
As you know, snails are considered an unusual delicacy, which in his life, not many people have tried. Tender snail meat is in unprecedented demand in the restaurant business and in medicine. It is clear why catering establishments need them. In medicine, snails are used to develop various drugs, in most cases, rejuvenating the skin. To start making money on grape snails, you will need to create an eco-farm. For this purpose the country site will perfectly approach. You will need a wholesale purchase of snails and special feed, and then a matter of technology. It is worth noting that at market value, one mature snail can be sold for 3-4 dollars.

Probably everyone already knows what a gyroboard is. Many children and adults dream of such a device. Due to the fact that gyroboards are made in different configurations and capacities, everyone, both an adult and a child, can ride on such a device. The business idea is very simple. All you need is to buy several models for different age groups. Then all you have to do is charge all the devices, decide on the location and go outside with them, preferably in a public place, where you can offer people a ride for a certain amount of time for a small fee.

“Case” with socks
You can come up with a lot of jokes on this topic, but if you consider such an option as a business idea, it is unwise not to take the opportunity to implement it. Socks are a favorite gift for many women for men (probably for any holiday). However, no one thought about presenting it beautifully. The essence is very simple: a case with socks provides an “annual supply” for all occasions, and a wrapped set in a beautiful box will give delight to anyone, and get an original surprise. To organize a business will require the wholesale purchase of various types of socks and boxes, packaging and shipping. The ideal option would be to develop an online store from NeoSeo, where you can place all sorts of variations of the gift case. Convenient functionality will allow the user to select the appropriate box, what type of socks will be inserted, size, color, quantity, etc. You can start with an Instagram page for sales.