Making jewelry from epoxy resin

Epoxy resin products are in unprecedented demand today, because it is original, unusual and just very beautiful. It is impossible to call this idea new, but even now its relevance is only growing. Epoxy jewelry is the most popular. If you do not have the necessary skills to work with such material, it is best to hire a specialist to start a business. Also take care to buy quality resin from proven suppliers. You will also need to provide your specialist with decorating materials, a protective uniform and a set of necessary tools. To sell finished products, use social networks or create a personal website.

Floating business
No one will argue that business projects related to beauty, fashion, self-care – a very profitable business. Floating is a new trend in business trends that has emerged relatively recently, but has already gained considerable popularity. Its essence is swimming in a pool with water, which is saturated with different types of salts (usually up to 30%). By visiting such pools, in one session you can relieve spasms, relax muscles. Repeated visits will restore the nervous system. The organization will need, at best, to rent a pool. If there is no such option, repair work will be required to equip the room. You also need to buy quality salts. Accommodation near a beauty salon will be a big plus.

Point of draft beer
The business idea of ​​creating or purchasing a point that provides customers with beer on tap is a great option for start-ups, as it is available to many in terms of cash costs (if you do not rebuild the point from scratch). Despite the fact that opening a beer point will not be difficult, it is worth remembering the great competition. If you do not calculate all the risks, the location of their “colleagues in the shop”, as well as do not make a well-thought-out business plan, you can easily part with your money, because profits will not reflect costs. To organize such an idea from scratch, you will need at least a small room of 25-30 square meters. meters, special equipment for bottling, beer kegs, refrigerator and showcases. Also a good option would be to sell “beer products” (chips, crackers, nuts, fish).

Production of playgrounds
Fulfilling state orders for planning, designing and implementing social projects is a great opportunity to earn money by organizing a business for the production of playgrounds. Do not rush to assume that it is difficult to enter this area of ​​business. According to statistics for 2019, most of the implementers of such projects are small companies. It will take a lot of investment to put the idea into practice, but the profits from the orders will pay for themselves quickly. Repair work will require a room or mini-shop, equipment for working with various materials, a team of specialists for development, design, etc. You will also need a warehouse to store finished and purchased products.

Seasonal business: production of “antifreeze”
The ideal opportunity for those who want to start their business with seasonal options – to engage in the production and sale of antifreeze for cars. This topic was, is and will be relevant, because the number of cars is constantly growing, and with it the demand for this product. Many companies produce a fairly low-quality antifreeze and find a good sometimes difficult not to leave stains, bad odor after use. This can be played by winning the trust of customers by developing a decent product. For the implementation of the enterprise will need a room / shop and warehouse, for production – tanks, mixer, tanks, pumps, shut-off devices and the purchase of materials (detergent, water, flavors, alcohol). Liquid bottling containers are also required.