Why does bitcoin fly down and what will happen next?

Bitcoin continues to fall in price. Today it costs 8 thousand dollars. The fall this morning since the opening of exchanges was about 10%.

Recall that the active bitcoin began to grow in the fall of 2017, and this growth attracted the attention of even those who had not previously been interested in crypto-currencies.

Relatively fast bitcoin overcame the psychological mark of 10 000 dollars, and by the end of November it was worth 11 thousand. In December, the rate of the Crypto currency was constantly fluctuating, at a minimum: it fell to $ 12,000, and the maximum at some point in the middle of the month reached 20,000.

But by the end of December there was a rollback. The bitcoine rate dropped to 13 thousand dollars, and in January continued its decline. By mid-January, the rate was less than 12 thousand, by the end fell below ten. From the beginning of the year until today, bitcoin has fallen by more than 56%.

What is the current bitcoin
According to the portal CoinMarketCap, in the morning bitcoin fell by 10.3%, to 8.29 thousand dollars. At the Bitfinex exchange, the Crypto-currency fell 11.9% to 8.21 thousand, GDAX - 11.54%, to 8.2 thousand. According to the portal Coindesk, which calculates the average price of bitcoin at its cost on the four largest crypto-exchanges, bitcoin grows by 0.07%, that is, up to 8.19 thousand dollars.

Cheaper and other crypto-currencies: Ethereum by 11.58%, to 846.5 dollars, Bitcoin Cash - by 10.67%, to 1.13 thousand dollars, Ripple - by 13.04%, to 0.81 dollars.

Why is bitcoin falling
The rate of the most popular crypto currency has subsided because of rumors that bitcoins have been stolen on South Korean stock exchanges.

Also, Bloomberg reported with reference to the South Korean news agency Yonhap News that North Korea is trying to hack into South Korean exchanges in order to steal the crypto currency. According to the National Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Korea, the DPRK has already managed to steal crypto-currencies worth tens of millions of won.

Some time ago experts called other reasons for the depreciation of bitcoins. One of the reasons is the prohibition of advertising bitcoin on Facebook. Rob Lethern, director of product management at Facebook, said: "We want people to continue to learn about new products and services through advertisements on Facebook without fear of fraud or deception." However, there are many companies that advertise binary options, ICO and crypto-currencies that currently do not work in good faith.This policy is part of a continuing effort to improve the security of our ads and complicate the work of scammers on Facebook. "

There have also been reports that the Indian authorities want to completely prohibit the trade in crypto-currencies on their territory, since they consider them illegal payment means. This also adversely affected the course. Ajit Khurana, head of India's crypto-currency committee, explained that crypto-currencies are simply not part of the "payment system".

Miles Akers, chief analyst of the Centtrip market, now expects more pressure on the crypto currency, so that prices fall to $ 8,000, Express writes.

The third reason is the policy towards bitcoin in South Korea, where the law recently obliged crypto-currency traders to be identified through bank accounts.

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, the founder of the BitcoinBro Exchange, virtually welcomes further regulation in South Korea. "South Korea's position to ensure that the stock exchanges knew who they are dealing with is a very positive step," he said