Bitcoin collapsed to a three-month low

The crypto-currency market is experiencing another severe blow. The cost of all major digital currencies is falling dramatically. And the most important of them, beatcoin, beat a three-month anti-record.

February 2, around 15:00 in Kiev, the weighted average bitcoin rate dropped to $ 7,796 per coin. At this price, the last time the most popular crypto currency was trading already in November last year. After that she rose rapidly until the middle of December. Then bitcoin went up to a record $ 20 thousand.

That is, only in a month and a half it collapsed almost three times.

However, by the time the material was written, bitcoin managed to get a little stronger and was given about $ 8,800 for it.


But it's not just bitcoin that's fevering. Other crypto-currencies also "fell under the distribution." For example, Ethereum, which is on the second place in terms of capitalization after bitcoin, dropped by 13.4% in just one day, Ripple by 13.2%, Bitcoin Cash by 6.3%, and Cardano by 14.5%.


The total value of crypto-currencies today fell below $ 400 billion, and reached the level of late November-early December 2017.

Now, according to the stock market data of coinmarketcap, the total market capitalization of crypto currency is about $ 420 billion, and the total cost of bitcoin is about $ 150 billion.

Panic moods on cryptology cause increasing attention of world regulators to digital assets. For example, on February 1, the Indian Ministry of Finance promised "to take any measures to eradicate the use of crypto assets for financing illegal activities or as a payment system."

Restrictions on the market also affected investors in South Korea. Since January 30, every trader in the country has to identify himself with the help of a bank account for the trade in crypto currency.

And the largest Swiss financial holding company UBS said it could impose restrictions on its employees engaged in crypto-loans for personal purposes. In particular, they may need to request the official permission of the management for such operations.

Do not fall behind and Facebook. This week, the social network banned the advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO (the operations of the primary placement of crypto-currency tokens).