Car tuning garage

Do not confuse tuning (improvement of technical characteristics of the car) and “styling” (design works, painting). It is not necessary to consider that tuning of cars is engaged only at carrying out repair work of the car. It is quite difficult to perform such a task on your own, because not everyone understands machines in detail. Entrusting the work to professionals is the choice of many, and there is always a demand for a good master. Organizing a business for car tuning services is not a difficult task. The main task will be to find a garage and purchase the necessary equipment. You will also need a team of professionals, preferably with education and work experience. We do not recommend recruiting masters “by announcement”.

Breeding mini-pigs
As a pet, who just does not get. An unusual option is to buy a little piglet in the house – a mini-pig, because many consider them incredibly attractive animals. And once there is a demand for such representatives of the fauna, you can create a supply. Organizing a business is very simple, especially if you live in your own home (more space, you can allocate a plot for breeding). The apartment will not be very convenient to engage in this activity, so you will need a room. It is also necessary to directly purchase females and males for breeding, feed and care products. Due to their fertility and ever-increasing demand, the costs will pay off very quickly.

Belarusian cosmetics store
It seems that there are no such ideas related to the field of cosmetics sales, which would not be occupied by many competitors. However, Belarusian cosmetics have gained popularity in the eyes of buyers relatively recently. All thanks to the magic prefix “bio”, “eco” and “natural components are a part”. And it’s true. Many self-care experts claim that Belarusian cosmetics are almost the best, so the demand for them in 2019 has grown significantly and is still not falling. To organize a business you will need a store. If the budget is not very large, you can rent small islands in the mall. A reliable Belarusian supplier is also needed. The costs are recouped in about 3-4 months.

Event industry: a mirror maze
Many start-ups are interested in having their first business in a seasonal business. Typically, this option implies lower costs and simplified management. The device of attractions in the summer is very actual in all cities, especially in resort. Therefore, you can think about the implementation of the mirror maze, which increasingly began to appear in parks. To build a maze, you will need a room of at least 25 sq.m. You also need to order curved mirrors. They are made in special glass workshops. The staff will need an administrator and a cashier. From additional equipment: cash register, reception desk, acquiring, lighting.