Providing advice to farmers can be profitable

Russian agriculture on the rise This is evidenced by Rosstat reports. In 2017, almost 13% more grain was threshed than in 2016. Indicators in the national agro-industrial complex (AIC) have been forming a positive trend for the third year in a row. According to Schulz Urbach, a German expert on world agro-industrial policy, ideal conditions have ripened in our country to involve a new wave of entrepreneurs in agrarian business. “In business, a highly profitable (that is, a good) example is contagious,” he says. – This was the case in Germany in the late 40s, it happened in France in the mid 50s, when the “green revolution” began in these countries. Apparently, this will be the case in Russia as well ”.
Do farmers need help?
If you look at the formation of the agro-industrial complex in developed countries, you can see that they have a constant demand for services that are provided to farmers by large consulting groups and very tiny firms, sometimes consisting of 2 people. For example, American Jim Scott from Texas writes that farmers regularly come to him for lectures, as well as to get advice and learn about new products on the market.

“I really help to save money on equipment, on post-warranty service, on forecasts for the future,” says Scott. – Three years ago I told my guys: stop sowing wheat. Pay attention to corn and soybeans. They listened and won. And in fact: because of the Russians and Ukrainians, grain prices fell by almost a quarter, but corn and soybeans turned out to be twice as profitable for the same material costs. “

In Russia, there is also agricultural information and even vocational training, which is carried out through state centers at agrarian institutes. However, agricultural consulting centers (according to their employees themselves) do not cover even a fifth of farmers who need the right advice on modern technologies and management methods. Every year there are new seeds, pesticides, processing methods – everything that is called innovation. It is difficult to win the competition without innovation. Therefore, agricultural consulting is becoming more and more popular and in demand.

The experience of developed countries that have created a highly productive agro-industrial complex shows that “successful” farmers really need help – including information and advisory services from private agricultural consulting firms.

Innovative support for agriculture
Of course, neither farmers, nor the heads of medium-sized agricultural firms are fully informed about the latest agricultural technologies, which can be learned from translated magazines or at specialized exhibitions. Due to the high workload, they simply do not have time to read foreign media. This is confirmed by the agrarians and experts themselves. “In Europe, for example, a couple of years ago a self-propelled sprayer, operating at a speed of almost 40 km per hour and with an automatic device for washing, filling and mixing, has been“ lit up ”, says Schulz Orbach. “These machines have fantastic performance and a high level of convenience for the farmer. At the same time, the autopilot with GPS will not allow dangerous untreated spots on the lands. But Russian peasants from the provinces hardly heard about it. “

By the way, you can buy such a machine with a joint because its performance and reliability is enough to handle ten or more medium-sized fields. In particular, in Germany, one can find successful examples of informal cooperatives, the activities of which are regulated by agreements drawn up by consulting firms.

American Jim Scott, based on his experience, highly appreciates agricultural consulting, believing that it contributes to financial stability and a culture of interaction between farmers and neighbors. Indeed, why should farmers buy a lot of auxiliary equipment if they can be rented from a cooperative in which they are members? This is where an informed and reliable intermediary comes to the fore.

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