Business idea – production of transforming furniture

Rational minimalism is increasingly replacing the classic bulky furnishings. The world is learning to save on everything, freeing up space. Bulky furniture in the classic spirit is replaced by tables, sofas and transforming wardrobes, thanks to which in a few seconds you can turn a bed into a table, and a cozy living room into a comfortable kitchen or a comfortable bedroom.

Business on multifunctional furniture – prospects
Baby carriages-transformers, toys-transformers have long been included in our life, without causing anyone’s surprise. But we are more familiar with transforming furniture from folding tables and sofa beds, designed in the middle of the last century. But about two years ago, a video appeared on the Internet that shocked many users.

It seems incredible, but the designer was able to accommodate a standard apartment on eight square meters thanks to transforming furniture. Transformer furniture is just beginning to enter the life of Russians, and the market is now mostly filled with products from Italy, which not everyone can afford.

However, according to experts, the demand for such furniture will only grow. First, because people are more likely to buy small apartments and studios that are cheaper, but with little space. Secondly, investing even in expensive transforming furniture is still more profitable than buying an ordinary bedroom set or kitchen.

The production of transforming furniture as a business is suitable for men who are not afraid of difficulties and are already familiar with the peculiarities of furniture production. Your main task is to produce furniture that consists of the minimum number of parts, but is assembled in a matter of minutes.

Business advantages:

Demand greatly exceeds supply.
The cost of production is not much higher than for ordinary furniture, and a transformer can be sold for much more.
What and how can you make transforming furniture

Many materials are suitable for the manufacture of transforming furniture. First, wood and chipboard. They are needed for furniture that is assembled like a nesting doll – one piece fits into another. Plastic is fine. If this is not the best material for the house, then it is what you need for a garden or a summer kitchen.

For the manufacture of upholstered furniture, you can use polyurethane foam and various fillers. You can really make such furniture with your own hands.

The main thing in this business is having an interesting idea, the ability to carry out engineering and design work, possession of computer modeling skills and a good business plan. The custom-made furniture business requires upfront investment.

What do you need to organize the production of transforming furniture?

The first step is to rent a space of at least 25 sq., In which all the work will take place. It is desirable that the temperature in it be maintained at the level of 18-20 degrees. For rent, 50 thousand rubles a month is enough. You can save money by starting a business in a garage – provided that all the necessary communications have been carried out there.

The second step is the purchase of equipment and tools. You will need:

panel saw;
edge banding machine;
electric saw;
grinder machine;
manual milling machine for wood;
electric drill;
drills, cutters, etc.
The total cost is about 500,000 rubles. This is the main expense when starting a business.

Business idea – production of transformable furniture The third step is to buy a computer and the necessary software for furniture design. The most used is PRO-100.

The fourth step is business registration. You will need a week and about 10 thousand rubles. to open an IP. During this time, you can draw up a business plan for the production of furniture.

The fifth step is hiring staff. First of all, you need a design engineer. There are few such specialists in the furniture market. It is desirable that he has computer modeling skills and can work with clients, as well as explain the problem to workers. Besides an engineer, you need a designer, a marketer, several workers / carpenters, an accountant.

Business pitfalls
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Increased requirements are imposed on the transformer furniture – reliability and high wear resistance of materials, durability of the mechanism. Such furniture must withstand serious stress. Main properties for buyers:

ease. Folding and unfolding such furniture should be within the power of an ordinary person.
safety to avoid household injuries
strength to withstand many transformations.
A separate task is the choice of the transformation mechanism. Many types of furniture transformation involve a complex mechanism.

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