Home business: the trends of the West

Young people, especially in the capital, are not without interest and thirst for easy money getting used to the already familiar to our more “advanced” European neighbors Forex. Playing on the world currency market, earning on exchange rate fluctuations, according to advertising, can in a matter of minutes make an ordinary citizen if not a millionaire, then a very wealthy person.

However, not everything is so simple, and one desire to play and a computer is not enough – to start you need to listen to training courses (from 500 UAH to 200 dollars, depending on the reputation of the speaker). But even this is sometimes not enough – those who have already experienced the happiness of playing, say that the most important thing – self-control (even composure) and willingness to lose. After all, according to them, Forex can be compared to a casino – if you are ready to lose, and treat the lesson as a game, most likely, you can count on luck. Among the negative phenomena of such a lesson – losses, especially in the first stage, as well as a quick “hook”, when a person with red eyes, which indicate more than one night without sleep, is ready to spend in front of a computer more than one such night, because ” don’t you see, here it is, gone. “

Among the relatively new types of home business are calls for “serious business for responsible people.” We urge you not to react to such announcements – if a company or business is really serious, they call themselves and the type of activity. In the above case – this is most likely a “dilution of the first installment” – a new team member is required to pay a contribution (from 10 UAH to several tens of dollars), after which the “group leader” disappears, leaving the desire to repeat his example with the same gaps as a failed new team member.

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