Home business: captive network

Network marketing is another option for the home worker. Of course, such a business can be called home with a stretch – most likely, in search of your client will have to travel not only around the place of residence, but also completely “inconvenient” areas. Fortunately, for women there is an eternal theme – cosmetics, and companies that provide the opportunity to earn in this way, every year more and more. Oriflame, Avon, Mary Kay and many others are trying unsuccessfully to impose their products on Ukrainians and sellers a percentage of their sales. The best sellers are promoted to the rank of directors, in every way stimulating with gifts – from badges made of precious metals to trips to exotic islands. On average, according to a representative of one of these companies, you can earn from 1.5 to 6 thousand UAH per month.

Some insurance brokers also operate on the principle of network marketing. For example, Eurolife, which cooperates with several Ukrainian insurance companies at once, and allows its office and freelancers to offer current and potential customers a fairly decent choice of products. Employees who are not tied to the office can “earn” the above amount of 6 thousand UAH. in one day, but in this case it is hardly possible to do without sitting at home – communication, finding new ways, new customers and new earnings – that’s what will put in front of such employees higher than before, barriers, including material.

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