Idea №8-9. Street Food

In other words, a “street food” or customer service point that provides ready meals. This idea was born a long time ago, but in the CIS countries is not very developed. It is impossible to say that “Street Foods” is not found on the streets in Ukraine, but they are still small, so the competition is not high. To implement, you will need a van with cooking equipment. From the staff is almost always enough one or two chefs, no more. It is very advantageous to use such containers for serving ready meals so that the buyer can start eating as quickly as possible.

Idea №9. IT camp (computer children’s camp)
The idea of ​​creating computer camps was born recently and has already gained great recognition. It is worth noting at once that this is not a standard camp, as we are used to imagining it. This option is more like training courses. The organization of business is very simple: hire several specialists in the field of programming or modeling, you will also need a room (or several) equipped with computer equipment, not necessarily expensive. Advertisements are spreading around the city that a children’s IT camp is opening in the summer. The child in the camp learns the basics of programming, works with image processing, learns 3D modeling.

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