Idea №6-7. Embroidery to order.

For the business to bear fruit, it is necessary to create pages on social networks, to show photos of already performed works. Having mastered the art of embroidery with threads, ribbons and beads, you can create not only exquisite expensive clothes, but also embroidered towels, decorative pillows, icons, clutches and even shoes.

Idea №7. Making eco-toys from wood at home
Nowadays, home craft, making various products at home is still considered relevant. If you are a person who is not deprived of talent and loves to create small and large masterpieces with their own hands, you can think about creating a toy business, using wood as the main material. As a rule, investment in such a business will not be much because of the expensive price of wood. You may have to spend only on tools for wood surface treatment. Such toys can be made to order or sold in small and varied quantities, and sold on trading platforms or create a trading page on a social network, such as Instagram.

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