Idea №3. Become a dropshipper

A great option for online trading with minimal investment. When dropshipping, you do not need to buy goods from a supplier, rent a warehouse, and deal with delivery. With this business model, your task is to find buyers, advertise goods, promote your site. To make investments really minimal, we recommend creating your website here:, the cost of the starter pack is only 140 UAH / month (plus, each user receives 15 days for free to make sure that the service is right for him) . Then everything happens according to the scheme:

the buyer orders and pays for the goods on your site;
You transfer the order, payment, delivery information to the wholesaler / manufacturer, leaving the amount of the markup;
the wholesaler / manufacturer sends the order directly to the buyer.
To become a dropshipper, you must immediately select a product category. The product should be chosen low or medium price range, it will make a big markup. Then look for suppliers (wholesalers / manufacturers) of these products: in Google search, on bulletin boards, in social networks. Providers rarely promote their sites, so check as many search results pages as possible. On the first pages you will most likely meet intermediaries, which increases the cost of goods.

Wholesalers are interested in cooperation, so feel free to call them. It is even better to call the manufacturers to ask for a list of official dealers or to agree on direct cooperation.

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