Idea №18-19. The profession of a guide: how to earn interesting and informative

If you live in a big city or a city with a deep history, then you can earn interesting stories. You can start with tourist services. Arriving in a foreign city, it is difficult to immediately navigate: where to go, where to eat and spend the night. An assistant in these matters will not be superfluous.

You can also develop your current and non-standard tour program. It is better to look for clients among travel companies, because they can provide you with large groups of tourists.

Advertising on social networks, on thematic forums, especially in the seasonal period, will not prevent either.

Idea №19. A real estate agent as a great way to make money
Individuals with an analytical mindset and economic education will be able to realize themselves in real estate. You can easily become a personal agent for the sale and purchase of housing if you learn to monitor the market, understand the value of housing and land in different parts of your city.

As the experience of many agencies shows, in this niche you can earn your regular customer base, but only if you work hard and decent.

To rent a house means to receive monthly payments without effort. Therefore, virtually all owners of unoccupied apartments are trying to take advantage of this opportunity. It is also possible to earn a decent living, and almost without investment.

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