Idea №16. Home-made cosmetics are a topical business idea

Frequent discussions on the environmental friendliness of detergents and cosmetics, as well as disappointing results of research on the impact of certain women’s products (spray, gel polish, etc.), force more money to spend on quality and, most importantly – safe cosmetics.

Soap making will be the simplest and most successful option to start. According to entrepreneurs who have already managed to earn good capital on this, they will have to spend only 200-500 hryvnias on natural ingredients. There are many recipes for detergent online.

Success will be undoubted if customers see for themselves 100% natural product. To do this, it is not enough to describe the composition, you should also demonstrate (photo or video) the process of work through your site or Youtube-channel.

Idea №17. Handmade products as a way to earn a decent living
Making things with your own hands is no less interesting and profitable. In Europe and the United States, even for a small felt toy made by human hands, buyers are willing to pay several hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars. Such a thing – safe and unique – these are its main advantages.

Answering the question, what to do, it is worth saying: what you know best. The product must be original and high quality. As an option:

ceramic vases,
embroidered toys for the Christmas tree,
knitted socks,
beaded earrings,
wooden cup holders, etc.
Success will come with creativity. Buyers are ready to buy even a not-so-necessary thing if it is original and trendy. It is worth asking: the characters of which cartoons and movies are the most popular, which football teams have the most fans and which performers collect entire stadiums. Use of actual images, inscriptions will provide products with fast sale.

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