Idea №14-15. Interior design as the embodiment of a constructive business idea

Quite often, ordinary users are interested in designer products and repairs. This business is suitable for creative people who know how to fantasize, successfully combine different objects, colors and materials.

To work you will need a computer and special design programs installed on it to model different options for the arrangement of the room. Clients can be sought both among ordinary citizens and among the owners of offices, commercial and public institutions – restaurants, schools, cafes, etc.

Alternatively, you can try to negotiate with developers, owners of construction stores to provide design services.

Each of your high-quality works must be photographed, videotaped or presented in 3D-panorama format. This gallery will be especially useful when you can create your own website. NeoSeo web studio offers you to develop sites for any purpose and for every taste.

Idea №15. Electronics repair: a useful and profitable business

It is quite convenient to repair computers and mobile devices at home. Unlike professionals who repair home appliances, you do not need to go to the client.

As for customers, they will definitely be, because each user nowadays has 2-3 electronic devices. According to TNS Infratest statistics, in 2016, more than 72% of people under the age of 32 were active users of tablets.

Broken glass, systematic reboots of the device, lack of image or sound, inability to connect to the Internet – frequent gadget malfunctions. Of course, it is much cheaper to pay 300-900 hryvnia for repairs than to buy new devices.

No doubt, whoever chooses this type of employment will not know what the economic crisis is.

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