Idea №12-13. Tailoring is a promising business idea

Women and girls who know how and love to sew can make a good living in this business. If at first there will not be too many clients, then it is possible to begin with tailoring of some universal goods. Examples include blankets, curtains, tablecloths, sheets, etc.

Another interesting option – bags for gifts or toys. If you choose several different colors, materials, it will increase the chances of a quick sale of products, because customers will have something to choose from.

Having coped with such work, it will be possible to pass to more expensive offers, in particular: women’s dresses and outerwear. People are often willing to pay a very high price for exclusive custom-made clothing.

To begin, you will need a simple but reliable sewing machine. On second-hand Internet platforms, professional second-hand sewing equipment can be purchased for only 6-8 thousand hryvnias. Of course, you will still need to buy material, threads, as well as work on making patterns.

It is most convenient to look for clients at the initial stage of business in social networks. With the increase of product groups will have to open their online store, where the customer will be able to choose the desired color, size, accessories and more. NeoSeo web studio develops user-friendly SEO-administrators SEO stores on the OpenCart platform.

Idea №13. Beauty salon for dogs (grooming salon) as an opportunity to earn a decent living

It is much easier to please your furry clients than people. The main thing in this case – to have a sense of style, to understand the breeds of animals and love their work.

To start you need a very small investment: money for hairdressing tools and means, a sofa for animals.

Animal salon has all the chances for development in large cities with a population of 300-400 thousand people. Having “earned” your base of regular customers, you should think about expanding the institution and renting a larger area.

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