Idea №10-11. Wedding and evening dresses rental service

Agree, far everyone can afford to buy an expensive wedding or evening dress for any event. Given the current prices for quality and beautiful clothes, many people are thinking about just renting the right thing for the evening and save a lot of money. That is why the creation of such a service is a very profitable option, as there is a great demand. To implement the idea it is not necessary to buy all the expensive dresses in the city. Start with second-hand items, buy them online and carry out restoration. You will also need some space and some equipment to put things in order. With further development and making a good profit, you can think about buying branded dresses.

Idea №11. Cleaning services as an opportunity to make good money

To start such a business, in fact, requires virtually no investment. Basic tools and safe chemicals are the key to this job. You can place ads on the most popular and free bulletin boards, for example, on OLH, Flowerbed, Kidstaff, Club, etc.

To use such services, of course, want bachelors, busy businessmen and businesswomen, the elderly.

Although this idea makes many people smile, by the way, it is extremely promising. Later you can create your own website with the offered services and at the same time start selling cleaning equipment and household items.

Another direction of the company’s development is to increase the number of services provided, for example, along with cleaning, to offer customers the services of electrician, plumbing, water delivery and garbage removal.

To get your regular customers, it is important to pay more attention to people’s wishes and do your job diligently.

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